3D Rose Window Glitter Magsafe Popsocket

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⭐Add the clear phone case support Magsafe option for you,if you don’t have magsafe phone case,please select one.Because it is a need for using our 3D rose window cute Magsafe popsocket.

⭐If you buy the clear phone case,please tear off three films to use it.(We won’t help you tear off to avoiding scratches)

⭐Please notice:the Magsafe popsocket is not the normal stick style one,it is magnetic.So it has weight,can be reused,can be removed easily,solving not hitting you through pocket.

⭐This Magsafe popsocket is so beautiful,we really want to say it is an aesthetic,not a simple phone holder.

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Clear Case Support Magsafe(GREAT QUALITY-Please tear off three films), 3D Rose Window-Kuromi, 3D Rose Window-Melody, 3D Rose Window-Cinna, 3D Rose Window-Keroppi


iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12pro, iPhone 12promax, iPhone 13, iPhone 13pro, iPhone 13promax, iPhone 14, iPhone 14pro, iPhone 14plus, iPhone 14promax, iPhone 15, iPhone 15pro, iPhone 15plus, iPhone 15promax