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    🐸Gua Gua Gua What What What 💚The frog phone case is funny and cute 🐸We add some of vivo and oppo size because of your request. 💚Have a Green Day:)

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    Warm Note: Same style airpods cases are unavailable,sorry:) 🍒Change your phone case, change your mood 🍭Buy 3 pcs phone case 🍬Get 30%off 🌈Code:FREE30 🌈: Free Shipping For Orders Over $30.  

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    🥰u guys always ask us to make some phone cases supporting MagSafe.Now they come! ✨Pick your wanted character now! 💗It is so clear to bling and the same character magnetic phone holder is so adorable,if you don’t use it,you could remove it conveniently.We think it is particularly easy to use! […]

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    ✨So Cute Angel Characters MagSafe Phone Cases(NEW:Same angel cuties airpods case have updated in shop and send two pendants) 💜Please select your size and type carefully:) ✨You could select the separate phone case or magnetic holders 💜The MagSafe Holder is magnetic,can be reused and removed easily ✨Above all,they are sooooo […]

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    💗Cute items for you!Must have 💜Great heavy quality 💜No fade pattern

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    🥰So adorable phone case for kawaii girl💕 💜Each charactors will move when you play your phone.And bling shine sequins are in it,making the phone shiny and lovely. 💜Has updated the new version 🍒Change your phone case, change your mood 🍭Buy 2 pcs phone case 🍬Get 3rd phone case Free 🌈Code:FREE 🌈: Spend 2 pcs costs, get […]

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    🌸So pretty phone case for kawaii girl! 🌸Each time you move your phone,the cherry blossom will fall down with graceful posture.Cinnamoroll and his friends seem to fly in the cherry blossoms sea. 🌸Durable Case,but not available for Magsafe. Warm Note:Please select your right size!!!