😭ikoomoo Apologize letter🥺
💓This letter of apology is to June customers and July customers. I'm really sorry. 🥺Since the orders containing lipstick in June and July. And that’s our first time to reach the cosmetics, No experience to choose the most suitable logistics. As a result, some June customers and July customers waited for a long time, and some June customers and July customers have not received the package until now.🥺
🌈I'm really sorry, we can't explain much now, it is indeed our mistake that caused you to wait so long. The long logistics wait led some customers to suspect that we were a fraudulent company. We can understand your doubts.
💕We are not a scam company. Please Don't doubt this. We will send out every item you buy, and we will reply to every customer's letter seriously. We are grateful to every customer and every fan. Really, we will not lie to you.
 🥺For June customers and July customers who have not received the package. please contact us. We help to check the latest logistics situation. There is no threshold for giving you 30% discount code, wait for you to contact us after you receive the package, we will issue a 5% refund as compensation.
🌟Any Questions Please contact us by email (ikoomoo@outlook.com) or message us directly.


Note: Now you don’t need to worry about the slow logistics. We have updated the logistics and will deliver it to you on time.

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